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Terms & conditions

  1. I confirm that I have ordered the correct color and quantity.

  2. I confirm that my shipping address and email address is correct.

  3. I understand that if my address is incorrect my order will be canceled.

  4. I understand that once the terms of service are accepted and the order is submitted, I will receive an order confirmation email which will include my order number and purchase summary.

  5. I understand that once my order has been placed, I am unable to request any changes or order edits.

  6. I understand that once my shipment has been created I am unable to cancel my order. 

  7. I understand that orders are shipped from the warehouse within 3-7 business days (unless otherwise communicated. i.e. Pre-Sale.) Pre-Sale order shipping dates will be communicated in the item description as well as on your order confirmation email.

  8. I understand that NVCollection does not accept returns or exchanges. 

  9. I understand that issues with my items must be communicated within 7 days of receiving my order. 

  10. I understand that NVCollection is not held liable for shipments scanned and received by USPS that show delivered and are not received, shipments that arrive late, or shipments marked undeliverable. In the event that this takes place with your order, contact the USPS with your tracking number for assistance. 

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